MPX-12000 Recognized by American Technology Awards!

Today I’m honored to write that we at Radisys have been nominated as a finalist for the annual American Technology Awards for the MPX-12000. Presided over by the TechAmerica Foundation, these awards are judged by industry experts and technology leaders, and recognize exceptional products and services across the technology industry.

Why is the MPX-12000 so exceptional? Simply put, it is the first product to integrate Radisys’ expertise and leadership in IP media processing technology with our high-performance ATCA open telecommunication platforms. If you haven’t seen it already, I encourage you to watch our latest video (see below), which details how the MPX-12000 can monetize mobile video, what we see as the largest benefit of the solution.

Many thanks to the TechAmerica Foundation for the nomination, and kudos to the entire Radisys team that helped bring this innovative solution to the marketplace.

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