MediaEngine vTRF Wins 2017 Solutions Product of the Year Award

2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year

The Radisys MediaEngine product family adds another award to the trophy case with the announcement that our MediaEngine™ Virtualized Transcode Resource Function (vTRF) has been named a 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year by TMC. This award, coupled with our customers’ adoption of the product, validates our belief that an innovative new approach to transcoding offers compelling value to our customers.  

At Radisys, we recognized early on that a new transcoding approach would be needed in order to cost-effectively support communications service providers’ (CSPs) implementation of Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) and WebRTC services. With the introduction of complex high definition audio and advanced video codecs like AMR-WB, EVS, OPUS, and H.265, that enable high fidelity communication over wireless connections into the network, CSPs required more real-time transcoding and transrating to support service interworking and interoperability between legacy and modern devices and networks.

 When these new codecs are introduced in session border controllers (SBCs) and media gateways, typically the overall capacity of the platform is degraded as more system resources are employed to support the processing required to handle increasingly complex codecs.  

Radisys’ MediaEngine vTRF offers a differentiated, adjunct transcoding approach, one that respected industry analyst Diane Myers called “an exciting addition to the MediaEngine family and a new twist on the principles of decomposition” when we launched the product last year. The vTRF allows CSPs to deploy transcoding as a distinct, independently scalable function, not only addressing CSPs’ new transcoding requirements and supporting complex codecs, but also extending the life and preserving the existing performance of their existing SBCs and media gateways already deployed in the network. And we’ve proven that this approach can deliver up to 60% CapEx and OpEx savings.

In addition, our vTRF supports two key industry trends. First, by delivering transcoding as a virtualized network function that can run on a variety of platforms including leveraging NFV-capable HW acceleration, we are supporting our CSP customers’ transformation from proprietary solutions to software-centric networks built with open source components. And second, contrary to conventional wisdom, there are cases where transcoding is preferred to falling back to compatible codecs.  The case in point is EVS which enables more subscribers on the same spectrum with the same voice quality as AMR WB and which extends the range of existing radio network infrastructure.  

TMC CEO, Rich Tehrani, recognized the value of our solution, stating, “Radisys’ MediaEngine vTRF is truly an innovative product and isamongst the best solutions brought to market in the past twelve months that facilitates business-transforming voice, data and video communications. I look forward to continued excellence from Radisys in 2018 and beyond.”

MediaEngine vTRF plays a critical role in enabling new services today for communication service providers by delivering carrier-class transcoding in a software-only offering with performance-tuned virtualization support, compatibility with NFV architectures, and cloud deployment capabilities. I encourage you to stay up-to-date on all things MediaEngine here.

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