LTE-Advanced Webinar: My Top Five Reasons to Attend

In less than two weeks on June 11 we’re hosting the second webinar of our Transform Your Network series, “Living Up to the Hype of 3Cs: Capacity, Coverage and Customer Satisfaction”. I’ll be joined by Paul Senior, CTO of Airspan Networks and we’re excited to talk about how operators can leverage LTE-Advanced to meet customer demand for more and more bandwidth and “anywhere, anytime” data access. Here are my top five reasons to attend this webinar:

  1. Learn why LTE-Advanced isn’t just a buzzword

    a. LTE-Advanced isn’t something far off in the future—operators are already planning to deploy the next generation of cellular technology.

  2. We’ll discuss the specific enhancements LTE-Advanced brings to the mobile network

    a. LTE-Advanced can make networks more efficient, increase capacity and monetize mobile broadband.

  3. Hear about the role of small cells

    a. Strategically placed small cells are still important alongside the deployment of LTE-Advanced.

  4. We’ll explain why a tiered deployment model is the best option

    a. We’ll share the best techniques for this step-by-step approach with a focus on carrier aggregation and interference mitigation.

  5. Get the inside scoop on a real-life case study

    a. Radisys and Airspan Networks jointly developed the world’s first commercial LTE-Advanced small cell solution and we’ll share highlights and lessons learned from the process.

We’ll also cover Multi-carrier support; advanced interference mitigation; Time-Division Duplexing (TDD) for broadcast and VoLTE and RCS support. Register today to secure your spot and I encourage you to leave any questions you’d like us to cover in the webinar in the comments below.

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