Join Me for an “SDN/NFV Lessons Learned” Webinar

When we talk about mobile operators implementing SDN and NFV technologies we invariable come to the issue of scalability. These operators are embracing virtualization technologies such as SDN and NFV, but as they move their virtualized applications from proof-of-concept trials to commercial service they are finding the biggest challenge is getting SDN and NFV to work in a live operational network at scale.

To explore this issue, I’ll be participating in an upcoming live webinar, “SDN and NFV: Lessons Learned Moving from the Lab to Commercial Service.” Hosted by Infonetics, I’ll be joined by Michael Howard, Senior Research Director for Carrier Networks, and my peers at Accedian Networks and Nakina Systems. Together, we’ll discuss how operators are addressing the scalability challenge and answer your questions. Additional topics will include:

•    Using instrumentation and VNF performance analytics, traffic flows and subscriber behavior to support customer QoE, optimize networks and drive SLAs
•    Using network data integrity techniques to ensure that orchestration automation works properly
•    Deploying security strategies for managing virtual and physical access with the involvement of OSS, BSS and MANO systems
•    Overcoming constraints in existing software and network elements to achieve carrier-grade scalability and SLA management

And of course, I’ll be sharing how Radisys’ FlowEngine technology and intelligent traffic distribution systems enable communication service providers to rapidly deliver new services and applications in a scalable, SDN-enabled network while reducing network complexity and CapEx costs. Just last week, we announced a partnership with EZchip to integrate EZchip’s next-generation NPS network processor with FlowEngine, providing an integration to solve service scalability challenges.

The webinar will be held at 8am PT/11am ET on September 24 and will run approximately an hour. If you’re moving your network to an SDN and NFV environment or still in the “thinking about it phase”, I encourage you to register today at the link here. As a thank you, if you register for the webinar you will receive a special report by Michael Howard.

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