Innovation: The Most Important Network Element

Our latest ATCA T-Series announcement, the introduction of the T40 platform, is a great proof point of what we pride ourselves here at Radisys on…innovation.

There are the obvious ways this new solution demonstrates forward thinking:  The platform delivers leading-edge processing power as well as increases capacity many fold for switching and I/O. Combined with our leading platform management software, the platform is application ready.

But where does innovation really come from? I believe it’s the result of relationships. Our long history as a leader in the ATCA industry means we are deeply connected with our customers and how they plan to use this market leading technology.  The breadth of applications we support for these customers often allows us to know, even before they do, what major issues they will face one year, five years, even 10 years down the road.

In addition, we have great partnerships  across the landscape of technology providers, many of which are trusted members of our RAPP program. Not only do we have access to the best silicon on the market, but we are able to provide our software providers a trusted platform where they can focus solely on fine-tuning their value add software.

The result is that we are a central development clearinghouse for both sides of the industry. As we tackle product development, we look to all of these different influencers for ways to solve current and future issues facing the ever-changing world of telecom.

The result? Industry changing innovation. This results in solutions to the major challenges facing TEMs and operators in the marketplace. The T40 is just one more example of how Radisys’ experts have delivered innovative solutions to the ATCA market.

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