Inflection Point: Radisys Keynote Outlines Critical Need for Innovation in VAS Marketplace

I’ve spent the better part of the month travelling on behalf of Radisys, including my first-ever stop at VAS Asia. At this year’s event, key players within the VAS ecosystem gathered to dig into the latest trends in value added services. Radisys was tapped by show organizers to present a keynote on what we see as the future of VAS, in particular what innovations will be driving growth in this space.

With much time to reflect (airports are great for that), I believe that this topic is truly critical as the VAS market is approaching an inflection point. 3G adoption in markets like India is heating up, and operators are feeling the competitive crunch. Revenue will always be a driving factor, but it’s hard to juggle the need for efficiencies with consumer demand for the latest “killer app.”

At Radisys, we believe that as operators evaluate their business models, they can benefit by looking at the bigger picture. A creative combination of today’s top-five technology disruptions could lead to a new wave of smart growth and, in turn, revenue.

Are you an operator weighing the benefits to VAS of the latest technology disruptors like LTE, cloud computing and small cells? I’d encourage you take a look through our VAS Asia 2012 keynote below. It’s a great deep dive into what we at Radisys believe will be the catalyst for an exciting new chapter in the VAS marketplace.

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