Industry-Leading Media Processing: Radisys’ MPH6 Named American Technology Awards Finalist

I was excited to get the news last week that our newly launched MPH6 multicore media processing card for our MPX-12000 Broadband MRF has been named a Finalist for the American Technology Awards (ATA). According to TechAmerica, “the ATA’s represent outstanding achievement and are the only ‘Best of’ national award in our industry. Being awarded an ATA means your product exemplifies the ‘Best of’ the United States tech sector.”

‘The best’ was what Radisys set out to accomplish in the design of the MPH6. To Radisys, being the best means delivering the industry’s highest capacity VoLTE and mobile video media processing platform. It means enabling mobile operators, IMS platform providers and OTT service providers to deliver thousands of concurrent HD audio and video transcoding sessions with up to 50% lower capital and operating cost. It means delivering industry-leading scalability, reliability and price/performance.

Radisys has a long history of being a market leader in media processing technology. The MPH6 represents an evolutionary improvement of Radisys’ technical expertise and pedigree in DSP engineering for real-time packet processing requirements that are essential for economical, scalable IP-based communication networks. Many of our customers today have deployed millions of ports using the Radisys CMS-9000 product – a product using a single-core DSP architecture.

The MPH6 is our first MRF offering based on a multi-core DSP; it has 20 state-of-the-art DSP chips, each with 8 DSP cores, resulting in 160 cores per card, or 1920 cores per MPX-12000 shelf. That’s a staggering amount of DSP processing power in a single shelf! This processing power allows Radisys to offer a 10x improvement in port capacities and densities for emerging real-time interactive communication services, such as VoLTE, IP multimedia transcoding, HD video conferencing and WebRTC.

We’ll find out on May 20 at the TechAmerica Foundation’s award ceremony if we can add another award win to our MRF portfolio. In the meantime, I encourage you to learn more about our MRF solutions ( or read about why operators are leveraging MRF solutions in my previous blog post, Motivations to Deploy VoLTE.Motivations to Deploy VoLTE.

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