The Importance of HM-Zd Plus Connectors in 40G

In further testing, RadiSys has found that the HM-Zd connectors can have a significant impact on platform performance. Yet the current HM-Zd connector appears to underperform in a 40G chassis, causing crosstalk and reflections (where some of the signal is reflected back to the transmitter, rather than reaching all the way to the receiver).

What, then, is the solution?

For 40G, we recommend the new HM-Zd Plus connectors, which are designed specifically for higher speeds. The HM-Zd Plus connector offers the following key benefits:

  • Shielding between signal lanes (reduces crosstalk)
  • Reduced signal reflections
  • Lane-to-lane length matching

For information on the HM-Zd Plus connectors, refer to the Tyco Electronics website.

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