Good Things Do Come in Small [Cell] Packages

Today the FemtoForum has announced its evolution to the Small Cell Forum (note: my somewhat delayed New Year’s resolution is from this day forward to not use the word “evolve” or derivations in any blogs – keep reading to see if I succeed). From my perspective it’s late in coming and I’m excited we’re finished laboring over the move because the market sure is not taking its time.

For the less initiated, the move to small cell is not leaving the “femto” behind – it’s really elevating the femto smarts (e.g. zero touch provisioning, interference mitigation, self-organizing, etc.)  to be used in all kinds of different deployment scenarios. Small cells include pretty much anything but macros and cover residential, enterprise, metro area and so on. Additionally, they span various types of air interfaces – focusing on licensed spectrum – from 2G through 4G LTE and beyond.

This is great for the industry. Small cells are clearly in demand from operators across the globe with LTE and multi-mode (3G, LTE, and WiFi) being at the forefront of the operator wish list. After successfully shuffling ahead the femtocell market place, the FemtoForum is the right organization to up its game and do the same for small cells. Its guidance, unique and expansive membership and energetic environment of collaboration will be a boon to the entire ecosystem as we tackle the new problems the small cell movement presents to the industry.

So please join me in applauding the Small Cell Forum and keep an eye on my own vocabulary “evolution.”

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