Future-proofing with IP Media Servers

Today’s announcement with Net2Phone really speaks to what we strive for here at Radisys – future-proofing our product designs to maintain long-term partnerships with our clients.

Throughout our history, one of our design objectives across our IP Media Server product family is feature and interface compatibility, not only across the product line, but also across our product generations. Net2Phone has been a Radisys customer for many years now, and an early innovator in offering VoIP services to their end cable-operator customers. The company needed to upgrade its existing media server infrastructure, based on first-generation Radisys media server products, while still ensuring the delivery of economical VoIP voicemail services to their customer base.

Net2Phone selected to upgrade to the Radisys CMS-3000 family of media servers not only due to the capabilities, quality, value and support they had experienced with our products in the past, but also because Radisys media servers maintain backward compatibility. This allowed them to upgrade their media server platforms according to their unique timing and capability requirements, with minimized impact to their existing IP-based voicemail application.

On behalf of the entire Media Server team here at Radisys, many thanks to Net2Phone for your continued support of Radisys products!

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