Delivering Top Solutions through our Partner Program

In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself. You have to form alliances.”

-Carlos Slim Hell

Radisys recently announced the addition of the ATCA Solution Partners category to our Radisys Alliance Partner Program (RAPP). Our ATCA Solution Partners help us to deliver complete network element solutions to TEMs that will support the next generation of high–bandwidth applications including LTE, WiMAX, Femtocell Gateways and Mobile Video. Looking ahead, formalizing our solution partners program expands our ability to find new and innovative ways to address the changing market demands as we move toward the next generation of high-bandwidth applications.

Radisys has always sought to be a leader in innovation, and RAPP’s culture of collaboration helps us to continue to stay ahead of the curve. Radisys, a front-runner with 10G, announced ATCA 4.0 to address the increased need for bandwidth in 40G networks. ATCA 4.0 is a great example of how “best-of-breed” ecosystem products come together with Radisys’ broad portfolio of assets to deliver cutting edge solutions.

RAPP allows us to take this technically superior solution one step further. Building on its industry experience, Radisys is leading the way to deliver network ready solutions to its customers. By leveraging technical proficiency of our partners and addressing integration issues upfront, we are able to significantly reduce development risks and time-to-market. For one customer, this meant cutting development time in half. In this particular instance, we helped them go from the start of a program to field trials in just 12 months instead of their standard 24 month development cycle.

In short, RAPP gives us a systematic way to ensure that we provide our customers with the maximum performance and flexibility. By individually selecting the best companies in the telecommunications industry, we are able to combine the leading technical expertise and industry knowledge to deliver the top performance solutions.

To get a comprehensive view of our partners, their capabilities and joint solutions they have developed with Radisys, please visit our Radisys Alliance Partners page.

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