COM E Makes the Development Picture Clearer for the Medical Imaging Market

Modular. Scalable. Upgradeable. These are benefits that are invaluable to today’s medical equipment designer who is struggling to find development efficiencies across a diverse product family.

Why the wide range in demand for medical imaging platforms? The continued increase in market segmentation from both emerging geos and the move toward patient-centric services has medical equipment manufacturers under incredible pressure to be many things to many different customers.

The easy solution to achieving efficiencies is a common platform. But, up until recently, this was a cost-saving measure that was often accompanies by product tradeoffs. This is unacceptable as modern medicine relies heavily on medical imaging platforms in the face of a busy workflow and life-threatening emergencies.

Here at Radisys, we see our new COM Express Type 6 modules as exciting solutions because they provide our medical equipment manufacturer customers design options under the umbrella of a common platform. The resulting price performance and feature flexibility give designers the ability to provide the latest applications to a wide range of market segments, without compromise.

Many of you may have seen my latest video on the release of COM E Type 6, but I’d like to direct you to our latest whitepaper that highlights how a medical equipment manufacturer can create over a half dozen product SKUs using one carrier board and various Type 6 COM Express modules from Radisys.

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