Can Video VAS Save Your ARPU?

Our latest video below discusses LTE rollout considerations that give the power to monetize mobile video Value-Added Services (VAS) back to operators. Specifically, the video shows how the MPX-12000, deployed as an MRF in your next-gen infrastructure, can monetize huge streams of mobile video to increase ARPU.

Want to see this concept live? Stop by to see Radisys at CTIA 2012 to see a working demo of four personalized mobile video services in action – Video Ringback Tones, Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR), Switched video conferencing, and Continuous Presence Conferencing.  Through the use of Counterpath Bria 3 clients on a Laptop PC, iPhone, and iPad, the demo shows how compelling, personalized mobile video services services can be offered and consumed by mobile subscribers. But the key to the Proof of Concept demo is understanding that this is not another Over The Top service.  Instead, these are services monetized by a Radisys video MRF in an operator’s IMS core network, allowing the mobile operator to generate new service revenues over and above mobile data plan revenues, thereby increasing ARPU.


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