ATCA Ecosystem Celebrates 10 Years at 2011 ATCA Summit

Radisys has been a leader in ATCA since the very start, so it was especially exciting to participate in the recent ATCA Summit and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the standard.

At this year’s show, our experts were on hand to not only offer some perspective on the past successes of ATCA, but also to share insight on the future directions for this history-making collaborative standard.

Our platforms CTO Andrew Alleman spoke to two different topics over the course of the event. His first presentation, “LTE Networks Meet ATCA…Don’t Mind the Gap,” walked the ATCA Summit audience through the benefits of ATCA platform solutions for LTE deployments.

Andrew’s second presentation, “The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about ATCA & MicroTCA,” outlined the most important things to consider when evaluating ATCA for your next deployment.

Number 10 on his list? “Despite the “T,” ATCA is not just for Telecom.”  John Long, Radisys Product Line Manager, covered this very topic in his presentation, “Virtualization: From Commercial to Command and Control.” In it, he shared how ATCA and Virtualization are, in fact, complimentary technologies.

Couldn’t make it to the ATCA Summit this year? See below for one of Andrew’s presentations.

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