ATCA 4.0 – The Industry’s First 40G Platform

I’m very excited to introduce a series of blogs on our award winning ATCA-4.0 platform. There is a lot going on not only within the Telecom market, but within ATCA as well. As is the norm in telecoms, there is a constant drive to deliver more bandwidth to markets at an ever increasing rate. And with the industry transitioning from 10G to 40G to support higher bandwidth applications, network equipment providers must make their 40G technology decisions today and be ready to ship thereafter.

RadiSys is leading the way with its integrated Promentum ATCA 4.0 platform. But a well-designed platform is just one essential ingredient for success; being out in front takes experience and knowledge to predict what will be required for the next-generation of advanced communications solutions.

This is the first in a series of blogs by the experts at RadiSys exploring the cutting-edge technologies that go into delivering an ATCA 4.0 solution. Stay tuned to the RadiSys blog in the coming weeks to take a deeper dive into an integrated 40G platform.

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