Arkadin Delivers Competitive International Conferencing with Premium Audio Quality

Cloud Collaboration Services.

The Challenge
Deliver global audio collaboration services with an emphasis on simplicity, quality, security and competitive rates.

The Business Environment
As companies rely more and more on teleconferencing services, they are taking a closer look at service level and cost.

The Solution
Offer crystal-clear VoIP audio conferencing using Radisys media servers.

The Benefits
The Radisys solution is easy-to-integrate, scalable, cloud-ready and most important, highly cost-effective.

The evolving global economy has increased the need for international teleconferences. When international conference calls are supported with legacy products, several TDM-based audio bridges, interconnected with trans-ocean circuits, are required. Such implementations are highly susceptible to audio transmission delay, resulting in sub-par quality and negatively impacting the attendee experience. In addition, each audio bridge typically has its own access numbers, sometimes resulting in multiple access numbers for the same service—even in the same country.

Understanding that productive conference calls require first-rate call quality, Arkadin, a leading global collaboration service provider, solves the delay issue by hosting calls over a high-performance, private IP network. The Arkadin solution is such that the moderator and participants are hosted on a single IP media server, which ensures superior audio quality. In addition, the conference is simpler to administer because there is just one local access number for each country.

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