Are you ready for 4G? We are.

It isn’t any secret that the revenue-generating opportunities for service providers lie in delivering high bandwidth mobile data services and video applications to their subscribers. To keep up with the rapid growth in demand for 3G services and the shift to 4G, IDC predicts that 10G ATCA platforms will give way to 40G platforms in 2011. This means that for network elements that will deploy in 2011, TEMs must be able make their platform decisions today.

At Radisys, we’re ready for 4G. We bring you ATCA 4.0 – the industry’s first integrated 40G ATCA platform that supports the next generation of high bandwidth applications. A first in the marketplace, this fully integrated platform features the latest technology in the industry, incorporating a 10GBASE-KR and 40GBASE-KR4 capable backplane and 40G switching capability. Not only does it provide TEMs with a step increase in performance (up to 4x!), ATCA 4.0 also provides the assurance that comes with an integrated solution, which includes the investment protection that only Radisys can bring. This fully backwards compatible solution protects your investment in today’s applications while ensuring a smooth and economical transition to the ATCA 4.0 environment.

I invite you to learn more at our T-Series ATCA Platform page.