Another Happy Radisys Customer!

Today we announced that C2Tech has selected the Radisys 40G ATCA platform for their purpose-built load balancing and application software to analyze and process hundreds of gigabits per second (Gb/s) of traffic.

Why did C2Tech pick Radisys? Well, for one thing, with our new 40G platform we can help them double the performance of their DPI applications. Dig a little deeper, and you find many reasons why our partnership is so successful. C2Tech currently leverages the Radisys 10G ATCA platform, meaning our pre-integrated 40G solution provides a smooth transition to their next generation of deployments. Also, our 40G platform supports a wide variety of Radisys- and customer-developed software solutions, enabling customers, like C2Tech, to shorten deployment schedules.

However, one key point here is that load balancing and DPI software solutions are not simple and certainly not a case of reading the silicon vendors data sheets, twiddling the knobs labeled “load balancing” and hey presto it works. It requires deep experience to translate generic silicon functions into advanced load balancing capabilities, and this is something that only comes from experience…and our experience we bring in this area helps us say ‘yes we can and this is how it works”, or even “no it can’t, but will this work instead.”

An interesting factoid here is that with Radisys ATCA platforms being included in C2Tech’s network of aggregated systems, we are part of one of the world’s largest DPI deployments!!

Many thanks to C2Tech for their continued support of Radisys ATCA!

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