Radisys Leads with DPDK Performance - Benchmark Study

Line Rate Processing on Intel E5 2600v3 Processors

Engineers and architects have been keeping a close watch on Data Packet Development Kit (DPDK) performance news with the release of Intel's E5-2600v3 processor family and XL710 Ethernet controller, which is expected to take x86 performance to previously locked levels held by customized silicon and specialty processors.

Radisys recently announced the T-100 Series Platform that contains the E5-2600v3-based processing blades combined with Intel's DPDK v1.7 and the benchmark numbers have been worth the wait. 

Radisys continues to make strides in delivering optimized Network Function Virtualization (NFV) -- including improving the virtual switching performance.We hope that you find this recent benchmark study helpful as you plan your NFV network deployments. 

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