Transitioning to NFV with Radisys Networking Solutions Running on Intel Processors

Network operators and communications service providers (CSPs) are calling for more infrastructure solutions based on the principles outlined by network functions virtualization (NFV) in order to reduce infrastructure expenditures (CapEx/OpEx) and accelerate the deployment of new services. At the heart of this architectural approach is the decoupling of network functions from hardware through abstraction and virtualization. The end result is software workloads that can be run on a common pool of hardware resources, allowing them to be deployed dynamically throughout the network as needed.

This white paper describes how recent advances in IntelĀ® x86 performance and software libraries are enabling solutions that address more network workloads, thus taking the telecom industry closer to the NFV design objectives. Examples include Radisys network appliances and ATCA compute modules based on IntelĀ® processors, which achieve the performance, reliability and availability critical to address network infrastructure requirements as it transitions to an NFV model. The solutions support various networking functions, such as policy enforcement, the GTP-u protocol acceleration, media optimization, deep packet inspection (DPI), load balancing, switching and security, among others.

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