Public Safety and Disaster Recovery

Compact LTE Solution for First Responders

Compact LTE Solution for First Responders

Market Drivers

In an emergency all responders, agencies and personnel rely on communications to coordinate activities to save lives.  It is likely in a natural or manmade disaster, existing communication services offered by operators is either limited or not functioning.   In specific scenarios, there are multi-agency support (Police, Fire, National Guard, Red Cross, etc.) that need to communicate and coordinate.    Currently, the radio spectrum and equipment are heavy, bulky and limited to only voice communications.    These agencies see benefit in utilizing the same equipment, data/voice and video services we all can use in our everyday lives.   Having a portable, reliable Mobile Network infrastructure which can be setup quickly is recommended.  

Radisys Solution

When there is a need for a contingency during a network failure during emergencies, Radisys offers solutions that can be customizable for the customer, or turn-key ready to go straight out of the Box. Radisys offers a Scalable LTE Mobile solution consisting of Trillium® TOTALeNodeB software for the LTE access networks, Trillium Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) technology and Media Resource Function (MRF) software for the LTE EPC Core and IMS functions all built on a wide array of hardware platforms allowing for the flexibility and scalabilty required for your needs.    The EPC in a Box solution provides the same functions as a working mobile network, but at a smaller scale which can support 1 – 20,000 users per EPC, scalable up to 200,000 with multiple-bladed solutions.

Why Choose Radisys

Radisys provides a fully-integrated net-centric  LTE hardware and software solution that enables C2.  This scalable solution is portable and combines Trillium award-winning software with industry leading COTS-based hardware. Our customers benefit by:
-   A faster time to market advantage
-  Lower prices due to COTS advantages
-  Offering scalable solutions: base (land, sea, sky) to- field to- soldier
-  Offering video capabilities such as streaming video 
-  Our deep understanding of platform hardware, and software capabilities and the integration of both

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