Seeing through the cloud – a survey of mobile operators’ views on the evolution of the mobile core

Sponsored by Radisys

By Monica Paolini – SenzaFili Consulting

Following up on last year’s survey of mobile operators, which explored the sources of disruption in the wireless industry, we decided to narrow the focus this year to the mobile core – a part of the mobile network that is undergoing deep change and innovation. While the mobile core has traditionally been seen mostly as an unavoidable cost item needed to keep the network running, it is rapidly evolving into a powerful differentiator and a revenue engine.

This year’s survey reports on how decision makers at mobile operators view the evolution in the mobile core. Survey participants were from advanced markets in APAC (26%), Europe (37%) and the Americas (37%), and mostly from tier-one mobile operators. As in the previous edition, the invitation-only survey focused on individual insights, to go past corporate strategy presentations, and take a closer look at how mobile operators manage the tradeoffs between cost-saving and revenue-generating efforts.

The paper summarizes the results of the survey in three sections. The first section presents a high-level view of the evolution in the mobile core and what the main sources of disruption will be. The second section focuses on the role of RCS in generating new revenues, fighting OTT providers’ dominance, and improving subscriber experience. Finally, we move to the virtualization of the mobile core, and look at how mobile operators expect the cloud to help them lower costs and increase the efficient use of network resources.

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