World-Famous Trillium® Poster Now Available as an App

Download Your Free App, Featuring Illustrations of Standards-Based Network Elements, Interfaces and Protocol Stacks for a Variety of Network Architectures

Get the new Trillium Poster App for free

In today’s mobile culture, having information and resources accessible at our fingertips is paramount. That’s why Radisys developed a free iPad app that allows users to take our world-famous Trillium&reg Poster wherever they go.

Now available on the iTunes store, the Trillium Poster app is a convenient source that details how wireless network elements connect with one another. Using the app, users can access illustrations of standards-based nodes, acronyms, a video section, and protocol stacks for a range of technology architectures.

What does it include?

This Trillium poster app features the most cutting-edge LTE and small cell content, helping Radisys share the depth and breadth of its communications expertise.

From the app home page, users can use a touch screen to choose which type of network diagram they would like to explore. Options available include Long-Term Evolution (LTE), LTE Advanced (LTE-A), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Small Cell and Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA). From within each section, users can tap the screen to select individual components, access definitions and see additional visual representations.

Tens of thousands of executives, engineers, journalists and students worldwide can attest to the advantage of this industry-wide reference in wall chart form. Download the app to have easy access to this key industry resource anywhere you go.

How to get it

To get your free Trillium app poster, visit the iTunes store today.

If you’d still like to receive the printed poster version, please fill out this form.

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