Radisys, Intel Deliver Telemetry Framework for Cloud Services

Radisys® DCEngine™ cloud server platform demonstrates support for Redfish open standard telemetry across multiple Intel® Xeon® platforms.

Communications service providers (CommSPs) have faced rapid-fire demands on their cloud service infrastructures, to roll out new services, keep up with emerging technologies, and stay ahead of unrelenting growth in user adoption.

This Solution Brief explains how Radisys adopted Intel Rack Scale Design (Intel RSD), a server architecture that disaggregates compute, storage, and network resources and provides the ability to efficiently pool and utilize these resources. Intel RSD supports Redfish and extends the specification for value-added features such as node composability and resource pooling. The DC Engine provides a standardized telemetry interface that can interoperate with non-Radisys platforms in a mixed-vendor environment.

Read how CSPs benefit from a common telemetry in a multi-vendor network environment and how incorporating this standardization brings multiple benefits.

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