Enterprise Data Centers:  Achieve Improved Performance and Flexibility

Why Radisys for Enterprise Data Centers?

SDN Infrastructure

Whitebox switching for Software Defined Networks (SDN)


Flow Classification and Distribution

Flow Classification and Load Balancing across Network Functions


Challenge #1: Improved flexibility and velocity for network reconfiguration

Networking topology configured into traditional routing and switching equipment is inflexible and expensive to manage.  The industry is moving to Software-Defined Networking (SDN), where networking configurations are configured in software, and then applied to generic switching elements based on open standards-based interfaces.  Radisys FlowEngine provides SDN switching that can be controlled by SDN orchestration layers through OpenFlow interface, accelerating network provisioniong and reconfigurations. 

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Challenge #2: Connecting millions of flows with thousands of functions

Enterprise networks are growing in scale and complexity.  Hundreds of users can generate millions of data flows and sessions requiring data center services performed using thousands of virtualized or physical data center resources.  FlowEngine offers high-performance packet classification and forwarding to virtualized and physical functions in the Enterprise Data Center, making the overall network architecture more efficient.

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