Trillium+plus binary protocol software products enable network equipment providers to get to market faster with reduced development costs, project risk and complexity.


  • Trillium binary protocol software
  • Security of available source code
  • Price and performance benefits


  • Trillium protocol software
  • Standards-based hardware
  • Integrated management software


  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Reduced development costs
  • Reduced project risk & complexity

Building on Trillium+plus, Radisys offers a wide range of pre-integrated, deployment-ready solutions for deploying Value Added Services (VAS) applications quickly and cost-effectively. For example, this diagram illustrates how Trillium protocols may be combined to create application-ready 3G VAS systems:

Our VAS software and services solutions can include everything needed by a customer to deploy VAS applications such as:

Intelligent Network

  • 1-800 number look up
  • Convergent billing
  • ENUM
  • Global Title Translation (GTT)
  • MNP / LNP
  • Prepaid billing
  • Profile-based service delivery
  • Redundant & SIM-independent HLR
  • Roaming

SMS / MMS Applications

  • Broadcast
  • Real-time SMS
  • Store & Forward SMS
  • Spam
  • Voting

Advanced Supp Services

  • Empty Call Capture
  • Missed Call Alert
  • Ring Tone & Colored Ring Tone

Location-Based Services

  • Alerting services
  • Information retrieval
  • E911 emergency services
  • Targeted advertising

Call Routing

  • STP offload (mini STP, IP STP, etc.)

Our Pre-Packaged VAS Software Solutions Include

  • High performance Trillium SS7, SIGTRAN and 3G Wireless signaling stacks
  • PMC / PCI line cards which terminate T1 / E1 lines and implement MTP2 / MTP1 functionality
  • Integrated management software with persistent database
  • Extensive support of standards and country variants
  • Trillium DFT/HA architecture
  • Professional Services for building VAS applications or for field trials, lab trials, interoperability testing and feature enhancements
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