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Market-leading and award-winning Radisys Trillium LTE software enables customers to deploy all sizes of LTE base stations — from femto to macro — and the entire Evolved Packet Core.

Trillium CDTrillium wireless protocol software from Radisys is synonymous with high quality and superior performance. Our team has leveraged more than 20 years of innovation to create a complete LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless protocol software solution for the 4G market, enabling true mobile broadband service with unprecedented data rates, superior mobility support and low round-trip latency.

Trillium LTE wireless protocol software addresses LTE Femtocells (Home eNodeB) and pico / macro eNodeBs as well as the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SWG), Evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG), etc. These standards-based Trillium LTE wireless protocols allow customers to rapidly develop LTE infrastructure to compete for early design wins in the dynamic LTE marketplace.


Trillium LTE wireless protocol software solutions meet the unique requirements of network equipment providers, including:

  • Comprehensive protocol support from LTE Femtocells to the EPC
  • Standards-based protocols starting with the latest 3GPP Rel-9 standards for the E-UTRA 36 series specifications
  • Pre-integrated software to simplify development and enable more focus on application development
  • Reference applications for key LTE interfaces including LTE-Uu, S1, S6, S7, S10, X2, etc.
  • Multi-threaded stacks optimized for multi-core processing architectures, including fast path modules for critical data plane protocols like eGTP
  • Experienced Professional Services for rapid integration and full platform design and development support

Trillium LTE wireless protocol software enables network equipment providers to reduce project risk, cost and complexity while accelerating time-to-market. And, when coupled with the T40 ATCA platform, which delivers 50% cost-per-bit reduction, Trillium software enables the high efficiency core that operators need to increase access performance for VoLTE applications.


Faster Time to Market

  • Pre-integrated Trillium LTE wireless protocol software allows network equipment providers to focus on application development
  • Reference applications help jump-start team progress
  • Expert Professional Services & global technical support

Reduced Costs

  • Comprehensive technical support for product upgrades & onsite / offsite consultation
  • Consistent TAPA architecture for rapid development & simplified future upgrades
  • Customizable training program & optional integration services

Reduced Risk

  • Comprehensive library supporting all network elements from eNodeB to the EPC
  • Optimized performance meeting or exceeding network req’s
  • Platform-independent software with integrated support for all major operating systems

General Features

  • E-UTRA Rel-8 compliant
  • All stacks are multi-threaded
  • Interface-specific reference applications
  • Fully compliant with TAPA

LTE – Uu Interface

  • TS 36.331 RRC
  • TS 36.323 PDCP
  • TS 36.322 RLC
  • TS 35.321 MAC

X2 Interface

  • TS 36.423 X2AP
  • TS 36.422 X2 Signaling Transport
  • TS 36.421

X2 Layer 1

  • TS 36.420 X2 General Aspects

S1 Interface

  • TS 36.413 S1AP
  • TS 36.412 S1 Signaling Transport
  • TS 36.411 S1 Layer 1
  • TS 36.410 S1 Layer 1 General Aspects

Evolved GTP (eGTP)

  • TS 29.274 Evolved GPRS Tunneling Protocol for EPS
  • Supports S1-U, S3, S5, S8, S10, S11, S12, Sgi, X2-U

Evolved Mobility & Session Management (eMM / eSM)

  • TS 24.301 Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for EPS


  • ITEF RFC 3588, 3539, 3589, 4006
  • Support for S6 interface


  • 2G / 3G GTP support through 3G Rel-7

Proxy Mobile IP

  • IETF draft 2008

Trillium LTE Powered Femto / Pico / Macro eNodeB

Trillium LTE Powered MME and SGW

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