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Radisys T-Series Platforms – Optimized for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Policy Management, SDN/NFV and Load Balancing

Radisys T-Series platforms are pre-configured with the latest Intel silicon and integrated load balancing to meet operators’ high-performance requirements for SDN and NFV. T-Series platforms are a true commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), open standards-based ATCA solution that leverage merchant silicon, open source software and a broad range of third-party blades, allowing mobile operators to deploy a cost-effective, telecom-grade platform while avoiding vendor lock-in.

T-Series Platform Series

Radisys’ new pre-configured T-Series platforms, commercially available in a variety of form factors, deliver a carrier-grade solution designed to deliver the high-performance and five-nines reliability essential to the telecom industry.

T40 Ultra: For those applications that require the utmost in high density performance, the T40 is the ideal choice. With over 1Terabit of switching capacity and the ability to deliver over 288 Intel cores the T40 Ultra is the utmost in telco-grade performance and is the ideal choice for SDN/NFV applications.

T40 Pro: Ideal for mid-density node deployments, T40 Pro is a highly optimized performance per watt per space platform for demanding policy enforcement, security and service gateways applications. T40 Pro sports 40G backplane and up to 4 payload slots allowing broad range of Network Processors and Compute resource blade options.

T-Series Compact: The T-Series Compact is a high-capacity, 2U carrier-grade rack mount server that can be configured for powerful compute, packet processing, and media processing functionality. The T-Series Compact, based on the latest Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 v3 Series Processor with Intel Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK) optimizations, is the perfect carrier-grade server solution optimized for virtualization platforms with a rich feature set boosting support for up to 1.5Tb of memory as well as 12 3.5” HDDs which take advantage of Intel’s highest bin CPUs.

“NFV, the telecom cloud and SDN are the core components of the software-centric network of the future, making it increasingly important for mobile operators to begin acquiring the benefits of cloud technology that are currently realized in the enterprise space. Radisys’ T-Series platform is a COTS server in the most authentic sense, providing the pre-configuration, high-performance and SDN/NFV suitability needed for a successful, phased transition to the cloud.”

— Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst

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