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T-Series Family

Radisys wins NFV Pioneer Award

Telco-Grade Processing Platforms for the Networking Industry

Data volumes in mobile network are growing exponentially. Network Operators, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need high-performance processing platforms for the toughest networking requirements, with the 5 9s reliability and performance expected by the telecommunications industry.

Radisys T-Series Platforms deliver the scalability, capabilities, and performance to meet operators’ high-performance requirements for SDN, NFV, and network element solutions. T-Series Platforms are true commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), standards-based solutions that leverage merchant silicon, open source software and a broad range of third-party blades, allowing our customers to deploy a cost-effective, telecom-grade platform while avoiding vendor lock-in.

T-Series Platforms

T-100 Ultra

NFV/SDN Platform. 14U, 14 slot, 100 Gbps interfaces, 2 Tbps+ throughput. Includes FlowEngine technology.

T-100 Pro

NFV/SDN Platform. 6U, 6 slot, 100 Gbps interfaces, 640 Gbps throughput. Includes FlowEngine technology.

T-40 Ultra

Field-proven carrier-grade platform. 14U, 14 slot, 40G backplane

T-40 Pro

Field-proven carrier-grade platform. 6U, 6 slot, 40G backplane

T-Series Compact

Telco-Grade 2U Intel Rack Mount Server

T-100 Series Platforms

Optimized for high performance SDN and data plane NFV applications.
The new T-100 Series Platform is designed to deliver the Virtualized Function Network Infrastructure (NFVI) for next generation central office and telecom data centers. The T-100 Series, based on a high-reliability 100G ATCA architecture and COTS silicon, can host thousands of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) on the latest Intel Architecture processors. The T-100 intelligent switch, pre-integrated with Radisys FlowEngine, offers 100 Gbps interfaces and over 2 Tbps+ of throughput between a telecom cloud network and the VNFs, overcoming the toughest data plane processing challenges in an SDN or NFV deployment. Learn more


Programmable network processing software
What differentiates T-100 Series from other NFV platforms is FlowEngine, a software technology designed to accelerate VNF application development, while improving T-100 Platform densities and economics. FlowEngine delivers programmable packet processing capabilities including wirespeed DPI for rapid classification, integrated load balancing, service chaining, flow affinity, SDN orchestration optimizations and more. Learn more

T-40 Series Platforms

Field-proven platforms for telecom networking solutions
T-40 Series Platforms are field proven, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), open standards-based ATCA platforms that leverage merchant silicon, open source software and a broad range of third-party blades, allowing mobile operators to deploy a cost-effective, telecom-grade platform while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Radisys’ pre-configured T-40 Series Platforms, commercially available in a variety of form factors, deliver a carrier-grade solution designed to deliver the high-performance and five-nines reliability essential to the telecom industry. Learn more

T-Series Compact

Telco-grade rack mount server
Designed specifically for data plane applications such as Deep Packet Inspection, Security, and Media Optimization, the T-Series Compact is a telco-grade rack mount server for low-density nodes that require a cost effective but highly flexible platform. The T-Series Compact comes with Intel DPDK pre-installed and is supported by a wide range of front serviceable I/O, storage and other hotswap FRUs. Learn more

“NFV, the telecom cloud and SDN are the core components of the software-centric network of the future, making it increasingly important for mobile operators to begin acquiring the benefits of cloud technology that are currently realized in the enterprise space. Radisys’ T-Series Platform is a COTS server in the most authentic sense, providing the pre-configuration, high-performance and SDN/NFV suitability needed for a successful, phased transition to the cloud.”

— Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst

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