MPX-12000 CMS-9000 CD

Monetize with MRF

Market Leading Media Processors

Delivering the Media Resource Function (MRF) of the IMS architecture

The MRF/IP media server is a fundamental element in an IP communications network, processing real-time audio and video media streams under the control of Application Servers (AS) in an IMS. Radisys is a leading provider of products and solutions to address emerging media processing challenges for network operators and solution vendors. Our media servers feature:

• Designed to support a OneMRF Strategy – One media processing platform for all real-time media processing services and applications
• Extensive audio and video mixing capabilities for multimedia conferencing
• Media recording and playback for announcements, ringback, or messaging
• Broad codec support, including AMR-WB (for VoLTE) and H.264 HD 720p video Integrated
Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE)
• Industry-leading scalability
• Flexible IP-to-IP Transcoding and Transrating

All MRF features controlled through IMS-based control interfaces, including SIP with Media Server Markup Language (MSML – RFC 5707).



Internet Telephony 2014 Award for MPX-OS

“With the ongoing migration of telecommunication services to IP network architectures, including 3G, IMS and LTE, the media server plays a critical role in delivering scalable, real-time IP voice and video media processing. Radisys continues to deliver innovative media server product enhancements in their efforts to maintain and grow their leadership position.”

— Diane Myers, Directing Analyst,
Service Provider VoIP and IMS, Infonetics Research



MPX-12000 Monetizes Mobile Video – 2:58


VoLTE – Showcase – 4:26


Cloud Media Processing with Radisys – 4:10

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