Radisys Microware OS-9 Extended To Support Latest Embedded Processor Families

Platform support of the ARM9, PowerPC and x86 families of processors provides RadiSys customers with roadmap for next-gen deployments.

HILLSBORO, Ore. — June 8, 2010 — RadiSys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms for next generation IP–based wireless, wireline and video networks, today announced the release of Microware® OS–9 5.0, a major update to its high–performance, high–availability real–time operating system (RTOS). The new OS–9 5.0 enables RadiSys customers to extend the lifecycle of product offerings via the latest embedded processors.

“With more than 30 years of proven OS–9 deployments in thousands of products worldwide, OS–9 5.0 provides RadiSys customers with an efficient roadmap to next–generation processing architectures,” said Keate Despain, general manager, commercial business unit, RadiSys. “OS–9 5.0 allows our customers to re–use their existing software base, as well as take advantage of several new features and enhancements to the core architecture that provides stronger networking, system state and security capabilities.”

RadiSys’ OS–9 is a full–featured operating system framework, including the OS kernel, kernel services, industry–standard APIs, middleware and a complete IDE–based development framework. The release of Microware OS–9 5.0 extends processer support to the latest processors from the ARM9, x86 and PowerPC families. Current OS–9 customers can now migrate to cutting–edge hardware platforms with minimal software changes, saving them thousands of hours of software development time porting their installed base of applications to different hardware architectures.

OS–9 5.0′s key new feature enhancements include a major update to the networking stack, expanding on the OS–9 4.0 release to include the adoption of the NetBSD v4.0 codebase with IPsec support. In addition, OS–9 5.0 features EtherCAT support for both big– and little–endian processors. New System–state Preemption enhances OS–9′s real–time response by enabling a special alarm routine to be called while another system–state process is running. In addition, OS–9 5.0 features e500v2 Compiler, NetSNMP and OpenSSH support. It also supports Debug Tool Refresh, Unix–like Time Zone Support and includes many code base improvements derived from multiple customer usage and hardening.

About Microware OS–9

Microware OS–9 5.0 is the high–performance, high–availability, real–time operating system platform from RadiSys. The Microware OS–9 RTOS has been deployed and proven in thousands of products worldwide and is represented in hundreds of embedded applications, including industrial automation and control and automotive and medical instrumentation. OS–9′s compact, high–performance, multi–user, multi–tasking real–time kernel is a proven foundation for time–to–revenue success.

RadiSys also provides an extensive set of options – available as software development tools and run–time modules – that extends OS–9′s base software capabilities. This list of options includes powerful tools for user interface design, virtualization support, parallel processing, specialized industrial I/O, networking stacks and virtualization tools, as well as protected storage options. Developed and optimized for Microware OS–9, these market–proven packages reduce risk and accelerate platform integration and application development cycles.

Product Availability

Microware OS–9 5.0 is available now. For more information, please call 800–950–0044 or write to info@radisys.com.

About Radisys

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