Radisys Introduces Promentum C2 Server – The Industry’s First Ruggedized ATCA Platform For Mobile Command And Control

Radisys partners with LCR Electronics and Astute Networks to deliver integrated computing and switching in one easy-to-manage platform.

HILLSBORO, Ore. — July 1, 2010 — Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms for next generation IP–based wireless, wireline and video networks, today announced the Promentum® C2 Server, the industry’s first pre–integrated, portable ATCA platform designed to provide the performance and features required for rugged, ground mobile applications in the Mil/Aero industry. The C2 Server leverages LCR Electronics‘ ruggedized ATCA chassis and Astute Networks‘ Edge Storage Blades in a rapidly deployable, higher performance platform with a more than 30 percent weight decrease and lower power consumption than current Rack Mount Servers (RMS).

As the military continues to expand its network centric warfare capabilities and integrate more platforms together, there is an increased need for mobile computing and communications infrastructure that can be quickly deployed in the field. The C2 Server is specifically designed to meet these performance, weight and ruggedization requirements of mobile command and control customers.

Radisys’ C2 Server, straight out–of–the–box, provides customers with integrated computing, switching and storage in one easy–to–manage platform that scales to meet most environmental and performance challenges presented to the Mil/Aero market. The C2 Server has been designed to meet the demanding environment requirements of MIL–STD–810 and can quickly be deployed and serviced in the field. The computing modules are certified with VMware ESXi, which allow the use of multiple operating systems for consolidation of application and the use of VSphere, to provide cost effective fault tolerance for critical applications. This pre–integrated Radisys platform is based on best–of–breed technologies from three trusted industry experts and allows Mil/Aero contractors to focus primarily on their value–add of software and services, while reducing time–to–market.

“Radisys is pleased to announce the C2 Server as we have developed a truly unique solution by bringing together some of the industry’s most trusted companies and technology,” said Anthony Ambrose, vice president and general manager of communications networks, Radisys. “We have selected the top technology components to create a solution that uniquely addresses the requirements of this market; the end result being a platform designed precisely with the command and control industry needs in mind. The C2 Server offers leading performance, long life, lower power consumption and up to 33 percent savings in weight compared to non–optimized solutions.”

Radisys’ Promentum C2 Server is scalable and flexible to meet the market’s changing needs and offers easy upgradeability to further adapt to changes in the marketplace. Storage on demand can be achieved by simply adding blades, while maintaining the same easy–to–use management interface regardless of capacity and performance point.

“As the first company to develop and field a truly ruggedized ATCA chassis, it was a logical next step to partner with an ATCA platform leader such as Radisys, to deliver a pre–integrated, open standards–based system that allows our customers to focus on their core competencies, rather than spend resources and time integrating multiple third–party components,” said Ron Minicucci, vice president sales and marketing, LCR Electronics. “The C2 Server is easily upgradable as the scalable architecture grows with the customer’s application requirements and the chassis is built to withstand most any application environment.”

Radisys also leveraged its real–world Mil/Aero experience when developing the C2 Server. Radisys has deployed high–reliability solutions in several military applications including command and control stations, secure networking, airborne manned, unmanned vehicles/robots and portable and in–vehicle computers. Radisys product offerings in the Mil/Aero market include ATCA and COM Express.

About the Promentum C2 Server

The pre–integrated C2 Server consists of a Ruggedized 6U 6–slot AC LCR Chassis, two Radisys Promentum ATCA–2210 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Control Modules with optional COM Express module, which can support platform management functions, up to four Radisys Promentum ATCA–4500 series single board computers (SBCs) and Astute Networks’ Caspian R1100 Edge Storage Blades.

Promentum C2 Server Key Features:

  • 6–Slot 6U AC Chassis
  • Two 10G Switches – each support 5x10GbE uplinks and wire speed L2/L3 switching
  • Supports the market leading 4500 series of SBCs based on the Intel® Xeon® processors, which support either a single or dual processor configurations; Optional RTM include: Basic RTM with SAS Storage, 10x1GbE RTM, 8Gbps dual Fibre Channel with on board storage RTM
  • High density iSCSI storage blade with capacities of up to 3TB per slot and support for the latest Solid State Disk (SSD), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk technologies; The embedded Edge Storage Foundation Suite ( ESFS) enables easy access and management of block–based iSCSI storage and NAS file services via command line or graphical user interface
  • Ruggedized chassis designed to meet the MIL–STD–810 specification
  • Open standards–based, scalable architecture grows with application requirements
  • Pre–validated systems that will work out–of–the–box


The Promentum C2 Server production shipment is planned for the third quarter of 2010. To place an order or for more information, call 800–950–0044 or 503–615–1100.

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About Radisys

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