Open Compute Transformation Services

Working as certified CORD development and integrator Partner, Radisys Professional Services provides industry’s first –Open Compute Transformation Service as below.

Radisys Open Compute Transformation Professional Services aims to be partner with Telco Customers and simplify Central Office to Data Center transformation. Services offering under Open Compute Transformation portfolio can be customized as per requirements of each CSP.

Following tables show Pre-Deployment and Post-Deployment Services with Customer value proposition.

Open Compute Transformation CONSULTING
  • Information and Education around OCP, CORD
  • Detailed Customer Interviews with CTO, IT and Operations
  • Create Tactical OCP Recommendation HW / SW
  • Create Financials ROI and TCO Analysis
Delivery Period ~ 1 Month
  • Business, Strategic and Tactical Justification
  • A multi year strategy for OCP
  • Priority alignment across R-CORD, M-CORD and E-CORD
  • Action Plan based on stakeholder alignment
  • 1x CORD or OCP Consultant for 1 month
Open Compute Transformation LAB ENABLEMENT
  • Discuss Goals & Detailed Technical Requirements
  • Spec out HW and SW for OCP compliant with ON.LAB
  • Generate a Detailed Lab HW/SW BOM
  • Demo runs and basic functional tests in lab
Delivery Period~1 Month
  • Quick realization of OCP POD
  • Quick evaluation for lab trials and field deployments based on requirements
  • Short Term Resident Engineer
  • 2 weeks x 1 resource onsite
Open Compute Transformation NETWORK ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN
  • HW/SW Architecture and Scaling Requirements
  • Identify all HW/SW components for production
  • Open Compute HW and SW Performance Benchmark Testing
Delivery Period~ 3 Months
  • Deployable Network Architecture Based on OCP
  • Selection of OCP HW Platform and Dimensioning
  • Selection of OCP SW OSS Components
  • Long Term Resident Engineer
  • Simulate Commercial environment within the facility
    • E2E Use cases, call flows,features,functions and KPI Validation
    • FCAPS Validation , Software updates
    • Certifications and Compliance
  • Custom Release Management, validation and Security Hardening
Delivery Period ~ 1 Year Annual (At CSP Facility or Radisys Facility)
  • Field Testing/Pre-Production environment before Deployment
  • Hardware, software ,features, functions deployment Readiness
  • Minimum 1 year engagement
  • Training of Customer OPS engineers
  • Dimension and Design Field Systems per CO
  • Integrate with Legacy Systems and Run Acceptance Test Plans
  • First Office Application support
  • Decommission Old System and E2E Project Management
Delivery Period~ 1-3 Years (Market, Region, Nationwide)
  • Commercial FOA and Field Deployment
  • E2E Scope starting from Planning to Decommissioning
  • Open Source HW Procurement
  • Does Not Include HW or SW or certification
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support for OCP SW
  • RMA Advanced Support for Open Compute HW
  • Extended Warranty
Delivery Period~ 3 Years
  • E2E Warranty and Support
  • 3rd party Open Compute HW and Switch Fabric
  • Open Source SW Lifecycle Management
  • Advance Warranty Replacement