The Radisys-Mavenir partnership entails provisioning MediaEngine IP audio and video media packet processing for Mavenir’s Telephony Application Server (TAS) for scalable delivery of VoLTE, VoWiFi, and RCS services.

Nokia Networks

 Nokia Networks leverages Radisys MPX-12000 and the cloud-ready vMRF software platforms to provide its mobile operator  customers with a comprehensive range of deployment options for interactive HD voice and video communication services. These services are invoked by Nokia  Networks’ carrier-grade and feature-rich Open Telecommunication Application Server (TAS), built according to IMS Core architecture.

Rohde & Schwarz

 Radisys and Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity have built a high-performance networking and security solution comprised of Radisys' FlowEngine TDE-2000 and Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity's Traffic Analytics solution. This high-performance and agile solution is designed to deliver real-time traffic classification and load balancing capabilities to rapidly analyze traffic and steer it through the network at line-rate speeds, while offering increased security and an enhanced user experience to subscribers on the network.


The Radisys FlowEngine TDE platforms integrate EZchip’s NP5 and NPS processors to deliver ultra-speed Intelligent Traffic Distribution System for SDN and NFV.

Microtel Innovation

The  Radisys and Microtel joint solution integrates Radisys’ FlowEngine™ TDE-2000 with Microtel Innovation’s technology. The FlowEngine TDE-2000 delivers industry-leading density with up to 2 Tbps L2/L3 and 600 Gbps of advanced packet processing to support future traffic growth driven by 5G and IoT. Microtel Innovation’s solution takes the processed traffic and then correlates the GTP control plane and user plane traffic at an extremely high data rate, delivering industry-best performance.

NS Solutions

Radisys and  NS Solutions have come together to create a targeted go-to-market strategy geared towards Japanese customers. NS Solutions is a system integrator/reseller of the FlowEngine product line. Alongside the Radisys FlowEngine, CORD and MEC solutions are also being funnelled through this reseller relationship, to gain traction with mobile service providers.

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Radisys, Intel Deliver Telemetry Framework for Cloud Services

Radisys, Intel Deliver Telemetry Framework for Cloud Services

Radisys® DCEngine™ cloud server platform demonstrates support for Redfish open standard telemetry across multiple Intel® Xeon® platforms.

Communications service providers (CommSPs) have faced rapid-fire demands on their cloud service infrastructures, to roll out new services, keep up with emerging technologies, and stay ahead of unrelenting growth in user adoption.

Deploying R-CORD: Achieving service innovations and benefits from access network virtualization

Deploying R-CORD: Achieving service innovations and benefits from access network virtualization

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are in the middle of a multi-year transformation of their networks – migrating from hardware-centric networks to software-centric networks leveraging open source technology, running on open hardware platforms. 

So how are CSPs upgrading their access networks to accommodate video streaming services such as: