Context-Specific Managed Offload for Mobile Data Traffic

One of the most popular ways to deal with mobile broadband traffic growth is to “offload” it, typically to WiFi access points or femtocells. Also giving improvements in indoor coverage, these methods reduce load on the main macro-cellular network, cost of backhaul, and can also improve users’ experience in terms of speed.

DPI: Deep Packet Inspection Motivations

“DPI” is being implemented to provide a range of services from content filtering, to web application firewalls, application aware policy enforcement, and others. DPI applications solutions are a mix of both compute and packet processing, real-time and non-real time processing, as well as in-the-path/on-the-wire and off-the-wire/off-the-path processing depending on the DPI application. As advances in computing and packet processing occur, the ability to inspect and act on more traffic to enable a variety of useful services is enabled within the network.