The VoLTE Revolution

Deliver traditional and advanced voice and video communication services over your LTE network.

Driven by the insatiable demand for mobile broadband services, more than 442 operators in 147 countries have deployed commercial LTE networks today. Communications service providers are now transitioning their voice services from their 3G infrastructure to their LTE network – VoLTE is here.

VoLTE offers many benefits. Subscribers enjoy higher fidelity audio (HD Voice), faster call set up and support for concurrent voice communications and high speed browsing, and the bandwidth for high definition real time video communications as well. 

For operators, VoLTE moves voice to the LTE network, freeing up 2G and 3G spectrum that can be reclaimed to expand the LTE network footprint and increase performance. VoLTE deployments in Korea have also been shown to increase average revenue per user. It also enables operators to better compete against OTT offerings that rely on best-effort Internet connections. Operators can deliver connections with guaranteed QoS and end-to-end low latency, due to native support for voice and video on their LTE network. 

Our MediaEngine portfolio delivers a key component in an IMS architecture for LTE – the Media Resource Function – enabling mobile operators to rapidly deploy VoLTE, by supporting not only essential function such as tones and announcements and three-way calling but also offering a common media processing platform for all your media processing needs including transcoding, video services and margin rich value added services. Our proven MPX-12000 Broadband MRF and Virtualized MRF (vMRF) are optimized for VoLTE, offering rich support for IR.92 and IR.94, the standards for voice and video over LTE, IR.94 particularly those features that maintain call quality in the face of the bandwidth fluctuations and packet loss found in mobile networks. 

Along with our partners, we deliver the media processing required for more than 30 VoLTE deployments around the world. 


  • Deliver higher fidelity audio and an improved user experience
  • Enable faster call set-up
  • Free up 2G and 3G spectrum to expand LTE network footprint and increase performance
  • Low latency and guaranteed QoS – key differentiators compared to OTT or VoWiFi voice services.
  • High quality real time video communications
  • Accelerate service introduction and move legacy services to IMS
  • Increase average revenue per user

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