Why MediaEngine™

Leverage one solution for all of your media processing needs.

Our MediaEngine portfolio enables communications services providers to drive cost out of their service delivery platform by consolidating all real-time media processing in their network onto a shared, application and service agnostic platform. This approach, which we call OneMRF, has many benefits:

A OneMRF strategy:

  • Leverages a standards-based media processing solution for all of your applications
  • Reduces network complexity
  • Reduces CapEx and ongoing OpEx
  • Monetizes new services
  • Accelerates new service introduction

The VoLTE Revolution


CSPs are deploying VoLTE in order to free up their 3G spectrum and refarm it for LTE. Moving voice to the LTE network also improves call performance. Our MediaEngine solutions, integrated with our partners’ technology, power more VoLTE network services than anyone, more than 30 VoLTE deployments around the world.

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The Transcoding Challenge


Traditional transcoding is unable to keep pace with processing requirements for complex WB audio and HD video codecs or with increasing codec adoption velocity. Decoupling transcoding from session signaling can drive big savings, ensure optimal performance and scale in both media and signaling domains, and future proof the solution.

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Network Simplification


Communications service providers are transitioning their legacy networks to IMS and WebRTC, making way for a OneMRF strategy – one media processing platform for every application. By sharing dedicated media processing elements, CSPs reduce OpEx and CapEx and achieve faster time to market for new services.

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