Case Study: Key Points

Communications Service Providers

CSPs are struggling to keep up with subscriber demand for more bandwidth and coverage. 

CSPs are rolling out their LTE networks to alleviate the strain on their networks, and are looking to LTE-Advanced techniques and small cells to further enhance their networks. 

Radisys’ CellEngine TOTALeNodeB small cell software enhanced with LTE-Advanced features and integrated with Airspan’s AirSynergy 4G all-in-one compact outdoor Pico base station delivers the world’s first LTE-Advanced small cell solution.  

The solution delivers increased throughput, enhanced cell edge performance and better interference mitigation and spectrum reuse. CSPs can accelerate their LTE-Advanced deployments.  

Airspan is a leading 4G wireless solution provider.

Case Study

Case Study - Airspan Helps CSPs Add Capacity to their Networks

Communications service providers (CSPs) are deploying LTE networks to meet subscriber demand for performance, while turning to small cells to add additional capacity and coverage. By combining small cells with LTE-Advanced capabilities, CSPs have a powerful combination to support capacity and coverage gains and deliver true LTE performance.

Airspan integrated Radisys’ CellEngine™ TOTALeNodeB™ LTE small cell software with LTE-Advanced features into its AirSynergy LTE pico base station to deliver to its CSP customers an LTE-Advanced small cell solution that delivers increased throughput, enhanced cell edge performance and better interference mitigation and spectrum reuse. 

This collaboration with Radisys to build the first LTE-Advanced small cell solution enabled our ability to be first to market with AirSynergy LTE small cell and support mobile operators’ tactical deployments of LTE-Advanced technology.

— Paul Senior



As the world’s first commercial LTE-Advanced solution for small cells, Radisys and Airspan’s partnership has delivered a turnkey small cell solution that CSPs can rapidly deploy.

The integrated solution delivers new features that enable base stations to ‘automatically’ self-configure and self-optimize for improved interference mitigation and enhanced performance. Radisys’ TOTALeNodeB turnkey software dramatically simplifies the development and integration of LTE small cells, cutting the typical product development time in half and thereby accelerating Airspan’s time-to-market.

Radisys’ Professional Services team worked side-by-side with Airspan on feature customization and platform integration and verification to ensure a world-class LTE-Advanced solution deployable today. 

Radisys is our long-time, trusted partner as we’ve leveraged the company’s CellEngine software and Professional Services for our small cell and macrocell products. Collaborating on the first LTE-Advanced small cell solution is a natural extension of this partnership.