CellEngine™ for Small Cell Access Points

Accelerate time to market and minimize product development risk 

To support a small cell RAN, communication service providers need to deploy thousands of small cell access points. Access point vendors typically need to integrate the base station System on a Chip (SoC) with radio subsystems and power supplies in appropriate indoor or ruggedized enclosures. However, integrating the various hardware and subsystems together requires small cell protocol software.

The development of this small cell protocol software is complex. It needs to be tightly integrated with the underlying SoC and radio subsystems and many modules may need to interact with each other according to 3GPP standards. You also need to ensure interoperability with other network elements and mobile devices. Vendors could choose to develop this complex software themselves, investing thousands of hours in development and testing, or they can turn to Radisys to provide an integrated small cell software solution.

We designed our CellEngine LTE and 3G/HSPA+ small cell protocol software for rapid integration inside small cell access point products, allowing access point vendors to get their solutions to CSPs faster, and with lower risk. These vendors can all access our Professional Services team to help integrate CellEngine software into the access point solution, as well as configure and integrate the access points to specific CSP requirements.


  • Deployment-ready solution reduces time-to-market
  • Field-hardened solution minimizes risk
  • Off-the-shelf software built from the ground up for usability and maintainability
  • Complete and portable application and protocol software suite for 3G and LTE small cells

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