Radisys Professional Services

Delivering pre-integrated DCEngine hardware and software, followed by ongoing lifecycle support

Radisys provides full hardware and software integration services for DCEngine customers. With 25+ years of telecom expertise in hardware, Radisys Professional Services are able to help you optimize the best in off-the-shelf compute, storage and networking components into a highly efficient, scalable DCEngine rack system modeled on the Open Compute Project (OCP) principles.

Radisys Professional Services will also pre-integrate and system test your required orchestration and platform level software in our factories. Radisys’ software integration team ensures that the best in open source and commercial software can be fully utilized on the DCEngine rack system. We are collaborating with both the ON.LAB and CORD project to pre-validate and fully support the software suite from OS through orchestration layers of the platform. This ensures the DCEngine rack systems can be installed and configured in weeks rather than the months of typical telco integration, allowing rapid time to market for new services and applications, giving you the confidence to get ahead of your competition.

Radisys is also available for 7x24 support, customer training, operations support and logistics.


  • Reduce business and integration risks
  • Faster turn-up, leading to faster service introduction
  • Reduction in your onsite integration efforts and expense

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