Virtualized transcoding support for cloud and NFV deployments

The Radisys MediaEngine™ vTRF delivers carrier-class transcoding in a software-only offering with performance-tuned virtualization support, compatibility with NFV architectures, and cloud deployment capabilities. Radisys’ MediaEngine vTRF can be deployed on any Intel-based server and supports VMWare, KVM, Openstack and deployment in public clouds including Amazon EC2.

The MediaEngine vTRF delivers a breadth of features today, including the following:

  • Certified on many COTS platforms, including those from Dell, HP, Cisco, and IBM
  • Support for a broad range of audio codecs including EVS – the newest HD audio codec used in mobile networks, Opus for Over the Top and WebRTC applications, and video codecs such as VP8 and H.264
  • Flexible control interface integration options, including SIP (RFC 3261) B2BUA in-line call control, and SIP (RFC 4117) for transcoding under the control of third-party Telephony Application Servers (TAS) or Call Session Control Function (CSCF) control
  • Advanced voice quality enhancement (VQE) features, including acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and packet loss concealment

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