CellEngine™ for Systems Integrators

Minimize risk and accelerate time-to-market.

Our CellEngine portfolio includes market-leading LTE small cell and 3G/HSPA+ femtocell protocol software and applications – delivering turnkey LTE and 3G small cell solutions to Systems Integrators, minimizing their Radio Access Network (RAN) solution development risk and accelerating their time-to-market.

CellEngine helps System Integrators solve the following challenges:

Challenge #1: Understanding CSPs’ Unique Requirements

Every CSP has unique deployment requirements when it comes to rolling out small cells in their network. Our small cell experts can work with you to customize our small cell solution to meet your CSP customers’ deployment needs. 

Challenge #2: Securing a Reliable Partner

Integrating small cells into a Heterogeneous Network is complex, and working with a partner that doesn’t have integration or product expertise could result in deployment delays. We bring to each engagement nearly three decades of experience in delivering wireless and wireline protocol software and stacks. Our small cell software is field-hardened and deployment-proven with more than 60+ small cell wins.

Challenge #3: Supporting a Product Throughout its Lifecycle

As 3GPP standards evolve, will your small cell solution stay current? We provide complete lifecycle support for our CellEngine portfolio, from delivering software upgrades to fixing bugs, providing patches and keeping the software up-to-date with the latest 3GPP standards.

Why System Integrators Choose CellEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Unprecedented time-to-market advantage
  • Turnkey, deployment-ready complete small cell solution
  • Minimize product development risk
  • Easily scale from small to large deployments
  • Supports multiple use cases, from residential to enterprise deployments
  • Confidence: More than 60 LTE customer wins

Technical Benefits

  • Provided as a source code, it includes the Trillium LTE eNodeB application, radio resource management (RRM), radio environment monitoring (REM), self-organizing network (SON), schedulers and all of the Trillium protocol layers
  • Integrated and system verified with leading small cell silicon vendors
  • Supports LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD deployments
  • Low power, high performance small cell solutions

Common Questions from System Integrators::

We only partner with industry-leaders in order to help our customers reduce their time-to-market and development risk and focus their resources on their application development. Our partners include the leading SoC vendors and OEMs, delivering complete small cell solutions that are deployable off-the-shelf. 

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