Case Study: Key Points

Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

A major Asian telecom operator wanted to launch 4G/LTE services across the nation of more than a billion people while providing coverage to 100% of the population in all states of the country, in three years’ time. 

Operator is deploying VoLTE over their new LTE network, to offer mobile voice and video services with superior quality, delivering differentiation from other mobile voice service offerings in the region.

Radisys Professional Services delivered a network plan complete with installation, system integration, monitoring, post-deployment support and expert program management, improving the coverage and quality of service of the customer’s existing networks.  

Radisys Professional Service provides end-to-end support resulting in faster time to market, increased service consumption and revenues while keeping the cost and risks under control.

A tier-one telecom operator in Asia providing 4G/LTE services.

Case Study

A Large Asian Operator Deploys Radisys’ MediaEngine™ in Greenfield LTE Network

In 2015, a major Asian telecom operator announced that it will launch 4G/LTE services across the nation of more than a billion people and provide the coverage to 100% of the population in all states of the country in next three years. The initial goal of the project was to offer the services to its partners, staff, and their families by the end of the first year. The operator had earlier selected Radisys MediaEngine™ as the common media processing platform (OneMRF™) to support a variety of multimedia services from 3rd party application providers. Now, the Radisys Professional Services team was tasked with helping the operator deploy MediaEngine in 22 different sites as a part of what was one of the biggest greenfield deployment of LTE network.

The Radisys Professional Services team was engaged when the initial rollout was just six months away. Time was of the essence since each site had to go through several phases of activities before it could be declared ready to go live. These phases include:

  • Network Planning - A period of rapid planning got the ball rolling. It involved network design, capacity planning and requirements gathering for interoperability with other vendors’ equipment. The process required in-depth knowledge of not only Radisys MediaEngine product but also the network as a whole.
  • Installation and Commissioning - The planning phase was followed by inspection of the sites followed by extensive documentation specific to each site, installation of the hardware, cabling, power connections, performing power-on boot sequence tests and executing installation and commissioning acceptance tests. Each site work was rounded off by providing on-site training to the operations team for regular maintenance of the equipment.
  • System Integration and Customer Acceptance - The system integration involved black-box testing of MediaEngine and interoperability testing with other vendors’ equipment. The system integration testing was followed by customer acceptance testing that involved running end to end calls, failure and recovery, redundancy and performance tests to demonstrate that the system satisfies the functional and non-functional specifications and customer acceptance criteria. The site was then handed over to operations team.
  • Network Monitoring - After the deployment, Radisys Professional Services team continued to provide 24/7 support at the network operations center monitoring the equipment and depending on the state, taking appropriate action according to standard operating procedure.
  • Post-Deployment Support - The Radisys Professional Services team continues to provide the remote and on-site support with resident engineers for troubleshooting reported issues, identifying root cause and ensuring that the issues are closed in a timely fashion according to the support agreement.
  • Expert Program Management - The logistics of rolling out LTE network at such massive scale would not have been possible without expert program management capabilities of Radisys Professional Services team that managed everything from initial planning meeting to the go-live event. The complexity was compounded by the fact that several sites, each having multiple systems from different vendors, were being deployed in parallel. Radisys assembled a cross-functional team with expertise from several different levels of organization with executive oversight to complete the project on schedule. As a matter of fact, Radisys was the first vendor to receive the work completion certificate. The customer also conferred preferred partner status on Radisys thus confirming increased faith in its products and services.

The goal of launching LTE services to its partners, staff and their families was accomplished on schedule. In one quarter, without an official commercial launch, the user base had reached more than a million and data usage has swelled to 18GB/month as compared to national average of 150MB. More importantly, the operator secured a significant competitive position in offering next generation VoLTE services compared to its rivals who had launched the services much earlier. As a result, the operator is well on its way to become the biggest and the fastest growing 4G service provider in the country.