FlowEngine ™ Intelligent Traffic Distribution System

Our FlowEngine tehchnology enables communication service providers to rapidly deliver new services and applications in a scalable, SDN-enabled network, while reducing network complexity and CapEx costs. It is designed to operate in fixed and mobile networks that demand high flexibility, scalability and guaranteed performance.

FlowEngine delivers:

  • Wirespeed flow classification to rapidly identify traffic,
  • Integrated load balancing to intelligently distribute loads and steer data flows to appropriate applications
  • Service chaining with flow affinity
  • SDN control to achieve unprecedented flexibility in new service introduction 

The FlowEngine software runs on our high-performance Traffic Distribution Engine (TDE) platforms.  

FlowEngine Software feature


FlowEngine is designed to perform context-aware flow management by integrating common L2-4 data plane elements with intelligent SDN control to flexibly enable rapid and low-cost deployment of subscriber driven services.

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TDE platforms features


As an integrated SDN platform, our family of Traffic Distribution Engine (TDE), coupled with FlowEngine, delivers up to 800Gbps of data plane processing to enable delivery for millions of flows to thousands of physical and virtual network services with carrier-grade scalability and reliability.

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