Evolving Command and Control to an LTE Infrastructure

Leveraging proven technologies for powerful and effective mission-critical communications

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Reliable communications is critical in a variety of aerospace and defense missions, public safety and disaster recovery situations. In today’s increasingly digital battlefields, mission success and warfighter safety are often reliant on the robust transmission and sharing of complex information, including voice, video and data.

As battle space locations continue to change rapidly the need for proven, commercial communications technologies and systems grows almost exponentially. It is now clear to aerospace and defense officials that modern communications solutions are crucial to military success. To this end, militaries are starting to leverage the latest commercial communications technologies, including proven hardware and software solutions, to deliver a complete Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network for soldiers and commanders in the field.

This also applies to First Responders and emergency personnel that are reacting in an often chaotic and difficult disaster situation. When there is a need for a contingency during a network failure during emergencies, there are turn-key solutions ready to go straight out of the box.

Existing military communications networks are being quickly outpaced by their commercial counterparts. Today’s soldiers have become accustomed to smartphones connected to commercial communications networks in their personal lives and they expect the same, if not enhanced, functionality in the field. The time for change is at hand: capable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) communications technologies are now ready to be adapted for rapid insertion into the modern battle space and deliver capable communications in the hands of awaiting soldiers.

Radisys Presenters:
Harry Jensen, Colonel USMC (Retired), Director, Aerospace and Defense – Operations; Jeff Sharpe, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Aerospace and Defense; Chandresh Ruparel, Product Marketing Director, x86 Platforms; Ray Adensamer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Media Resource Function