M3UA Software

The SS7 MTP Level 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) software product, defined by the SIGTRAN working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), transports signaling messages from MTP3 users (that is, ISUP, SCCP and TUP) over the IP network.

Moving SS7 signaling to IP transport is the first step in a carrier’s transition from a circuit switched to a packet switched core network. IP networks are more efficient, less costly, and are needed to deploy next generation networks, like the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

M3UA supports two primary operational modes:

  • It bridges the boundaries of the SS7 network and IP network. In this mode, M3UA transports the signaling messages from a Signaling Gateway (SG) located at the edge of the SS7 network to an IP-resident Media Gateway Controller (MGC) and vice versa.
  • It supports the traditional SS7 call signaling protocols (that is, ISUP, SCCP and TUP) to communicate within an IP network. For example, M3UA transports SCCP signaling messages from a Radio Network Controller (RNC) to a Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) in 3G wireless networks.

Trillium M3UA protocol software enables telecom equipment manufacturers of soft switches, signaling gateways, signal transfer points, service control points, media gateway controllers or other products to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce project risk of internally developed M3UA applications

Product deliverables consist of C source software, documentation, training, a warranty and technical support.

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