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We recently collaborated with Gabriel Brown from Heavy Reading on both a roadshow and white paper around SDN and NFV. In the white paper – Software Centric Networks: A Migration Path to NFV – Gabriel discusses the practical steps that allow operators to move towards implementing an NFV-capable cloud platform. Learn More »
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I’m pleased to share that our T-Series platform has been named an American Technology Award finalist in Telecommunications by the TechAmerica Foundation. Learn More »
Public safety has decided to move to LTE for its data communication. Learn More »

It isn’t any secret that the revenue-generating opportunities for service providers lie in delivering high bandwidth mobile data services and video applications to their subscribers. To keep up with the rapid growth in demand for 3G services and the shift to 4G, IDC predicts that 10G ATCA platforms will give way to 40G platforms in 2011. This means that for network elements that will deploy in 2011, TEMs must be able make their platform decisions today.

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I’m very excited to introduce a series of blogs on our award winning ATCA-4.0 platform. There is a lot going on not only within the Telecom market, but within ATCA as well. Learn More »