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Mobile World Congress 2017: Demonstrating Open Solutions for 5G Learn More »
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As 2016 comes to a close, I’m proud of the tremendous strides that Radisys took this year to help communications service providers solve the complex challenges of next-generation networks. During the year we embraced the industry transition to open source hardware and software, launched game-changing products that are a first in the industry, and strengthened our Professional Services offering.

Doubling Down on Open Source Software and Hardware

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The Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec was standardized by the 3GPP in 2014 as the next generation audio codec for use over VoLTE. Industry watchers are calling this a breakthrough in voice communications. EVS is the first 3GPP conversational codec offering support for up to 20 kHz audio bandwidth that delivers high quality for conversational speech and for other audio applications such as music or mixed voice/music. Learn More »
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Radisys President and CEO Brian Bronson recently met with Marc Smith, group editor for Mobile Europe, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The resulting video interview shares Brian’s views on Radisys’ transition to a software-centric company and the work underway to develop those software systems, including MediaEngine, FlowEngine and CellEngine. Learn More »