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This statement was supported by our recent poll of more than 200 mobile industry professionals. Learn More »
I recently spent a great week in London at Avren’s Small Cell World Summit. I am truly excited to announce that our TOTALeNodeB solution was awarded best enabling technology at the Small Cell Forum Industry Awards ceremony. Learn More »
Last week we concluded our second webinar in the Radisys LTE Webinar Series, during which we continue to explore the complex but interesting topic of implementing LTE network infrastructure. Learn More »

Next Stop Multi-mode Devices!

Posted by Renuka Bhalerao, May. 25, 2012 under LTE

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In my last blog earlier this week, I talked about the evolution of the small cell and looked at what to expect next from this exciting technology. Learn More »

Life Before Femtocells?

Posted by Renuka Bhalerao, May. 24, 2012 under Small-Cells, LTE

You might have lived without femtocells (small cells I mean) until now, but not anymore. What started as a solution for indoor coverage and evolved into the debate of BoM cost vs useful applications has certainly come a long way. Learn More »
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RCR Wireless recently tapped Monica Paolini of Senza Fili Consulting to participate in its weekly “Analyst Angle” feature. Learn More »
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According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), 36 percent of all current Internet traffic is being delivered over Wi-Fi. By 2015 that number is forecast to reach 46 percent, at which point less than 10 percent of all traffic will be carried over cellular networks.

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EETimes recently featured Radisys expert Renuka Bhalerao’s perspective on possible data offload approaches, specifically LTE Time Division Duplex (TDD).

She explains how implementing TDD on femtocells can lead to improved quality signal and optimized bandwidth allocation, thus delivering a high quality experience to the end users.

With the trend toward the HetNet, we can all agree that the topic of offload is critical, so I encourage you to read this timely piece!

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What would you say if I told you a Radisys software solution could cut the development time of your LTE small cell solution in half? Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be an infomercial. But, I hope I have your attention because our latest addition to the Trillium family does just that. Learn More »

Part Two – LTE: Serendipity?

Posted by Renuka Bhalerao, Feb. 6, 2012 under LTE

Editor’s note: This is part two of a blog that was inspired by the recent Wireless Watch column by Caroline Gabriel of Rethink Wireless (as seen on TelecomsEurope).

In my last blog, I laid the groundwork for my argument that the emergence of LTE TDD technology was a serendipitous occurrence, rising beyond our expectations to meet modern network challenges. I also ended with a bit of a cliff-hanger…

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