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Posted by Lyn Pangares, Apr. 17, 2013 under Small-Cells, Trillium, ATCA, LTE

We’ve recently posted a series of informative videos that provide a snapshot of Radisys’ technology direction for the coming year. Learn More »

In our second webinar of the Optimizing Mobile Networks series, titled “Core Network Optimization: The Control Plane, Data Plane and Beyond,” industry leaders learned from our top systems architects about the challenges and complexities presented by the wide range of available applications for core network optimization.

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LTE provides public safety networks with access to the latest applications and the reliability and security required for effective emergency response. But, there are major challenges that must be met in order to provide LTE data services to emergency responders. What are these main roadblocks? In the video clip above, Radisys’ Eric Gregory discusses deploying embedded wireless telecommunications infrastructures for emergency responders, as well as our approach to standards-based deployments for public safety networks.

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As a company that specializes in embedded wireless infrastructure solutions, it’s pretty cool when we receive a nod from Embedded Computing Design as one of the top embedded innovators in the marketplace. Learn More »
Several folks at Radisys have already blogged about our exciting ATCA T-Series announcement (see Keate’s post about innovation and Manish’s post about the industry drivers). I want to talk today about something we spent a great deal of time on, the T-Series Management Software on the new Radisys T40 Platform. Learn More »
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Our latest ATCA T-Series announcement, the introduction of the T40 platform, is a great proof point of what we pride ourselves here at Radisys on…innovation.

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There’s no simple way to explore the wide array of technical challenges we face as we enable our customers to implement LTE network infrastructure. Learn More »
We just announced the expansion of our ATCA T-Series family with the introduction of the T40, an ATCA-based 40G platform. Learn More »
Hi, my name is Keate Despain and I am the VP/GM of the Platforms BU at Radisys. I lead a great team here at Radisys that supplies cutting-edge technology to many of the world’s leading brands. Learn More »
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Here’s a blog fresh from the presses, we just announced that Mavenir has leveraged several Radisys solutions for its Mavenir mOne™ Convergence Platform. mOne is s a carrier-grade mobile cloud infrastructure that is already being used by multiple carriers. Learn More »