Virtualization Usage Models in Aerospace and Defense

Virtualization is a versatile technology that gives software developers greater control over operating systems and applications with respect to their mix, porting and security.

A Radisys whitepaper walks through how developers can leverage the benefits of virtualization for A&D apps. In addition to running through a virtualization 101, if you will, the paper also walks through four virtualization usage models suitable for server-based aerospace and defense systems:

Usage Model 1: Consolidating Applications

Situation: A Mobile Command Center, with a similar role as a traditional data center for enterprise applications, moves on a regular basis. Therefore, the system should be relatively compact and lightweight, and rugged enough to handle packing and shipment over rough terrain.

Usage Model 2: Migrating Applications without OS Porting

Situation: A legacy intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) application, running on a near real-time operating system (RTOS), acquires and processes radar images. The software is part of a new platform that is Linux-based.

Usage Model 3: Failing Over to a Backup Virtual Machine

Situation: The operating system hangs, requiring the system to undergo a full reboot.

Usage Model 4: Securing the Execution Environment

Situation: A Mobile Data Center maintains various applications requiring different security clearances. However, the operating system may be vulnerable to malware that runs at the same privilege level.

Virtualization, coupled with ATCA, can solve all of these usage models above. Interested in learning more? You can download the whitepaper here.

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